On the Internet towards a certain disorder or chaos-based on their network status. Hence, you may want to unify all your online profiles in one place. On previous occasions, we have talked about different services that help us launch a personal page. In the early days of the Internet, doing this meant writing HTML code to a file, uploading it to an FTP server and crossing your fingers so that everything looked correctly in your web browser.

Personal Website

Luckily, we have evolved a lot. Today, most hosting or hosting services offer, in addition to space to upload your page or website, tools that automate the design and creation process of that same page. So technically we have the problem solved. The question is, do I really need to create a personal page? Worth? Let’s look at several reasons why you should consider having your own personal page.

Join Your Profiles Online

If you are habitual in social networks surely you have a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … Maybe even on Pinterest. You may even have a blog on Blogger, WordPress or Medium. And what about YouTube. It is also possible that you have created several pages or websites that are independent or connected to each other.

All that content that talks about you are scattered on the Internet. Why not unify it on a page that lists where you have an online presence? Although your social profiles are connected to each other with a link in the descriptions, a personal page allows you to organize and show your social profiles to everyone and how they can connect with you.

Be Easier To Find

Although Google and other search engines try to show results beyond the web pages and for years that also index YouTube videos or comments and Facebook or Instagram profiles, launching a web page can help you improve your visibility in the search engine using SEO techniques.

What do you prefer to see first those who look for you on Google? Your Instagram profile or your personal page? It’s up to you. Moreover, if your social media profiles do not usually appear among the first results when you search, you can fix it with your personal page and SEO plugins that will advise you.

Control Your Image In Search Engines

Related to the previous reason. Sometimes, if you search for your name on Google, nothing related to you appears. But sometimes the results are not what you would like a future employer to see or the person in charge of a company where you would like to go to work.

By launching your personal page you can try to remedy and make one of the first links that see who is looking for you be your personal page, well designed and with all the links that you have decided to put online.

Promote Yourself

Linking with the above. Unlike what a search engine may show, a personal page is controlled by you. So you decide which links to include, in what order, which images or videos, the text that describes you …

It’s not about falsifying or inventing things. As with a curriculum, on your personal page, you can enhance the best of you and thus make yourself known as professional or personal. It will depend on the purpose of your personal page.

Damage Does Not

And we close the circle going back to the beginning of this article. Creating a personal page is easy, fast and with the help of templates and themes the result is professional with little effort.

In a matter of a few minutes, you will have your personal page ready to organize your online presence and get to know yourself properly without interference from unwanted search engine results.

To harm you is not going to harm you, and even if you don’t achieve your purpose, you will only have lost a few minutes of your time. It’s more what you can gain than what you’re going to lose by trying.


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