There is a maxim that says something like that it is important that they talk about one even for the worse. Be that as it may, in a matter of brands, products and businesses in general, that talk about one is important and silence is a big problem since it implies that they do not know us or are irrelevant.

social media sites

On the Internet, in addition to the need to find us in search engines such as Google, it is also relevant, and increasingly, that we are mentioned in social networks. It’s not just that we spread our own messages, users should also talk about us, known as social mentions

It is clear that we can manually search on social networks if we are mentioned, but it is more practical to go to specialized search engines that will provide us with a history of mentions for several days. This way we will know if our brand or product is relevant for users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Social Searcher

Search for your brand or product in Social Searcher and see if you talk about it on websites or social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit, Vimeo or Instagram. In addition to specific mentions, you will obtain statistical data and you can even filter by dates or configure email notifications or decide in which language you want to search to differentiate your audience from different countries or geographical areas.

Another peculiarity of Social Searcher is that, from its statistics section, it is possible to see if the social mentions are positive or negative, they can also be neutral. This will give you an idea of ​​whether you talk about your brand or product in positive or there is an image problem that you should solve.

Social Searcher allows 100 free daily searches and 2 email notices. If you need to get more out of this search engine, you can hire the paid version.


What about you, your brand or product? BrandMentions will give you the answers organized by web pages, social networks, languages ​​and geographical areas and time slot so you can refine your search and perform different searches for different markets and areas of influence.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook … BrandMentions facilitates real-time search and results history. In addition, in the paid versions it is possible to customize the reports, export data and configure notifications so that you do not have to be aware of the search engine.


Although it is paid, we can try Mentionlytics for 14 days and thus scrutinize the depths of social networks and any content that is published on the network, since you search on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook but also on websites and news collectors such as Reddit or Imgur, media and generic search engines.

We can search for both our own brands and products and those of others, to get to know our competition better, receive notices by mail, filter searches by geographical areas and even know if they talk about us in positive or negative.

Another advantage of Mentionlytics is that it can work with external tools. Among others, it can be integrated with Hootsuite or Trello.


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