The importance of cameras on mobile phones is increasing, as well as its possibilities and options. If we want to achieve truly film-like results, we have to know the professional model of the camera that is included in mobiles, in addition to its extra options that will allow us to easily take advantage of the software as a resource.

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Although we are not experts in photography, we will be able to use all aspects of the mobile camera to improve results. You will be surprised to know how it is possible to improve the photos when we know exactly what we need, something that we could already start to see with the tips to get the best landscape photos with your mobile. We explain step by step so that each of the functions consists and the recommendations to follow.

How to Use Professional Mode on Your Mobile

To start taking advantage of the professional model of the camera of our mobile we have to find it, a camera mode that is easily accessible in all mobile phones and which will completely change what we understand as photos with the mobile. We just have to scroll through the options that we find at the bottom of the camera apps.

Once we have reached this section we will see how we find different parameters and options that we do not have in the other modes. These will be the options that we will modify to our liking, preference or need to get the best photos.

Control the ISO

We start by controlling the ISO sensitivity, an essential element when taking a photo that in other modes adapts automatically. By controlling it through the options of the professional mode, we will be able to establish an appropriate level for each situation. By moving it, we will be modifying the amount of light that the sensor of our mobile phone can capture and therefore make the image change radically.

When we increase the ISO we are causing noise to appear in the image and while if we lower it too much, we will make the image lose detail. Given these circumstances, we will have to adapt it depending on the time and place. It is not the same to take a photo in a closed space than to do it in full sun on the street. We can vary it between 100 as the minimum and a maximum of 3,200. As we use it more often we will be able to go freely to quickly find the necessary ISO for each situation, although at first trying and making mistakes will be very common.

White balance

To adapt the color temperature to the needs at any time we resort to white balance, access that we enter in the professional camera mode and allows us to choose the desired hue for our photo. This mode can be of great help when we are preparing to take a photo in full sunlight or, on the contrary, under artificial lights, where the result will be very different and with this control we will try to make it as true to reality as possible.

his adjustment is measured in degrees Kelvin and we can vary it between 2,300 and 7,500 degrees Kelvin, although the extremes are not an option, if you try it yourself you will see it. We have to be careful with this adjustment since a photograph can stop being good if in the color temperature we make a bad selection. A very important section in color is the type of light bulbs or artificial lighting that we are using, causing very different results that we have to control with the white balance.

Shutter speed

One way to control light unlike ISO is through shutter speed. In this case, it is the time that the lens remains open and therefore capturing data from what appears on the screen. This is the most recommended resource, as we will not create grain or lose detail. In turn, it is one of the options that we will have to try the most until we have mastered it since each situation is different from the previous one.


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